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AKA General Stone and the 18 Warriors. Kung fu has many legends and myths, including the 18 Bronze Men and the 108 Wooden Men of Shaolin. 'General Stone' reveals a new legend: the 18 Stone Warriors. Tan Tao Liang (Flash Legs) is the son of the famous General Stone, who was killed in battle under mysterious circumstances. Tan is trained in hand and sword techniques, but his schooling is lifted to another level when his father and the spirits of fallen heroes inhabit the stone forms of warriors who teach him skills long thought extinct. Now Tan has a new found power to find the truth behind his father's death. An amazing and totally new story for the martial arts genre! Tan Tao Liang is superb! Starring: Dorian Tan (Tao Liang), Polly Kuan, Blacky Ko Sau-Leung, Woo Kei, Lung Fei, Chuen Yuen, Ma Cheung, Tsang Ming Cheong, Lee Keung, Kwan Hung, Yue Hang, Leung Yin Man, Au Lap Bo, Yeung Lit, Chan Sam Lam. 82 minutes. Chinese. English subtitled.