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Chen Sing plays an evil villain who takes his half brother, Kow Li Fan (Corey Yuen), to compete in a kung fu competition for the hand in marriage of the daughter of a powerful official. Although Kow Li Fan wins the competition, he is in love with someone else. Kow Chus motives soon become clear; he wants his adopted brother to marry into the family to allow him to grab some of the officials power. After creating a web of lies and deceipt Kow Chu resorts to much dirtier tactics; in fact it appears that he will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. Standing in Chen Sings way is Angela Mao, of course, and servant boy Tan Tao Liang who secretly holds a candle to the officials daughter. The pair join forces to take on the all powerful villain. Starring: Angela Mao Ying, Chen Sing, Dorian Tan, Yeung Wai, Lee Ka Ting, Hung Sing Chung, Tony Liu, Sammo Hung, Han Ying Chieh. English dubbed.