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Sammo Hung's directorial debut is a vibrant and colorful action-packed kung fu fest, which established many of the choreographic and editing techniques now used in modern action cinema. Sammo s amazing skill with weapons, coupled with his natural speed and agility, guarantee the definitive portrayal of real life kung fu legend Miller Six . A classic story of good versus evil, Iron Fisted Monk is a compelling story of the battle against the Manchus and the monks of the Shaolin Temple. Featuring some genuinely harrowing scenes, the story escalates through a series of bone-crunching fight sequences to the incredible 20-minute fight finale where Sammo and Chan Sing take on the full force of the formidable enemy. Starring: Sammo Hung, Chan Sing, James Tin Jun, Chu Ching, Wong Hap, Fung Hak On, Wu Ma. 92 minutes. English dubbed.