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AKA Fists of Shaolin. Wong Tao plays Chan Ker Yung, the only son of the late king of sticks, Lord Chan. Cocky and playful, the young Chan thinks he is a natural staff fighter and doesn't bother to train. His three uncles know otherwise and make him take a clan test. Of course he fails, and is exiled until he can pull himself together. On his travels Chan meets up with many staff-wielding allies and foes. Romance is also in the air when he saves the beautiful double-stick damsel Yu Yun (Hsia Kwan Lee) from marrying the idiot son of the sworn enemy of his family. Northerner Liu Ta Yeh (Chang Yi), is on the warpath and plans to smash the Chan household. The young master rushes home to find that he is too late. Most of his uncles and servant have been killed by Liu's mouse tail stick, and Liu has left a note for Chan challenging him to deadly staff combat in the bamboo grove. Can the young prodigal defeat the might of the white-haired northerner, or will he come to a sticky end? Starring: Wong Tao, Chang Yi, Kam Kong, Hsia Kwan Lee (Ha Kwong Li), Lung Fong, Ching Ching, Hsieh Hsing, Kimmy Lee. 82 minutes. English dubbed.