cx2086 Snake in the Monkey's Shadow DVD


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John Cheung is Lung, a fishmonger who spends more time than he should dream of learning kung fu. After arriving late to the villages leading family with a shipment of old fish. Lung is beaten and sent packing by the Yan's eldest brothers. He eventually gets his revenge after talking Ho (Hau Chiu Sing), a local kung fu master into allowing him to join his school. Lung is relegated to cleaning the place but proves his devoting by practicing everything he has seen performed by the other students at night. Ho finally takes Lung on as a student and teaches him drunken boxing. While showing off his skills to Ting Sang (Pomson Shi), a monkey style expert, Lung humiliates the two Yan sons, which only causes their father to seek a fight with Teacher Ho. This time Ho beats the father and his two sons which only add more fuel to the flames. Yan hires two fighters who kill Ho and even kill Ting Sang who was an old adversary. Lung is beaten, but survives to train further by combining the drunken boxing and monkey style to defeat the duo's formidable snake style. English dubbed.