CX2110 Twelve Gold Medallions DVD


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Chin Ping plays Jin Suo, the daughter of Jin Yangtang (Wong Chun Sung), a kung fu master who joins with a Chinese traitor named Qin Hui in attempting to deliver 12 medallions to General Yue. These medallions act as decrees calling for the death of Yue, an act which would leave his 100,000 man army in disarray and allow invading Tartars to take the Sung throne. Jin Suo rebels against her father and begins killing the messengers herself. Other swordsmen attempt to do the same but suffer massive casualties after being led into an ambush. The only other fighter able to stop the messengers is Miao Lung (Uyen Hua), a former student of Yangtang also betrothed to his daughter. Jin Suo gets the misguided idea that he's found another lover and being fiery-tempered, she causes him no end of grief as they team up to stop the messengers. This creates some comedic and romantic tension that highlights good chemistry between Chin Ping and Yuen Hua. 101 minutes. English Dubbed.