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Bruce Lee's 1 & 3 inch power punch by James W DeMile (an original student of Bruce Lee). One of the most amazing & effective; yet least understood techniques in Bruce Lee's fighting arsenal was the 1 & 3 inch Power Punch. It allowed Bruce and all who mastered it; to deliver devastating power punches in close range combat! First displayed to the public at Ed Parker's International Karate Tournament in Long Beach; California in August 1964; the 1 & 3 inch Power Punch was often imitated but mastered by few and taught to even fewer. Sijo James DeMile was lucky enough to be one of those individuals. He met Bruce Lee in Seattle when they were both in their late teens and quickly became friends and one of his first students. (Some say Bruce taught his early students his 'real' techniques and later students were taught slightly 'diluted' techniques.) Regardless; DeMile became one of those individuals tasked with keeping this knowledge. On this DVD he provides the most comprehensive examination of the 1 & 3 inch Power Punch and reveals all of its secrets in detail. DeMile covers the history; basic concepts behind its effectiveness; and shows a step-by-step display of this deadly technique. Copyright 2004