19001 Bagua: Art of Change #1 DVD Mancuso


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The System of Bagua: a whole course in one tape! A complete training tape including reeling silk theory, applications, basics, warm-ups and, of course, the famous Eight Changing Palms. An essential reference for every martial library. This DVD offers a course for learning the basics of Ba Gua, T'ai Chi's more advanced sister. It contains clear, detailed instruction. It has specific discussions of theory; not just a 'walk through' without background. Ba Gua is fast becoming as popular as T'ai Chi due to its modular method of practice. Tape #1 gives an over view with a huge amount of information including Chi Kung and Usage. Some topics covered: BaGua Theory: the components of BaGua Circle Walking: BaGua's foundation Chi Kung: Breath BaGua style Basic Hand Changes: and spiral energy Self-Defense Applications: with BaGua flavorBaGua Post Work: rarely seen Complete 8 Changes: the 'Set' BaGua Partner Work: Duet practice