18141 First Response Protection System DVD Ottenberg


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Product Description
This base level DVD takes the guesswork out of what works and shows a very down to earth approach to self defense. Anti-terrorist expert and Fifth Degree Lima Lama Black Belt, John Ottenberg shows how you no longer need to memorize techniques. He shows how simple everyday movements become lethal responses, allowing you to take down even the biggest attacker! It's not about knowing how to fight, it's about fighting right. John's technique is very subtle and mechanically sound. He starts with punching to protect people's fingers. Then he applies the same motions to a variety of self defense situations. His method is to take natural movements and generalize them to a variety of situations. He covers Basic Fighting Position Uncoiling and Ripping Punches, Reverse Direction Combination Punches, Proper Jabbing Technique, Quick Draw against Punches with palm responses, Side Attacks Punching Principles including height disparity, Spiraling Motion, Spiraling Techniques, Simple Attack Defenses, Rear Guard Defense, and more aspects of his self protection system. John was a personal student of the world renown Tino Tuiolosega, originator of Lima Lama, and has been a respected instructor for over thirty years. 60 minutes.