19006 Tai Chi Short Set DVD Mancuso


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Product Description
This NEW shortened form of Tai Chi is the perfect introduction to a great art. Developed by teacher Ted Mancuso from his many years of experience, this condensed set contains essential movements for learning and performing an exercise known world-wide as a treasure. What makes this DVD special? First, this set is modular, which means that the essential movements and energies can be broken out for the purposes of both teaching and learning. Second, it is a good practice set for those who do not necessarily have Tai Chi as their main regimen. It is also good for those who are already doing Tai Chi but want a shorter version for limited space practice. Additionally, this is an easily learned set for teachers who want to introduce a compact version of Tai Chi, the fastest growing martial art in the US, into their curriculum. This is NOT a 'dumbed down' form; it still contains the traditional energies and principles. Other features include: a special section on 'loop practice' and extracting exercises from the set, a demonstration of Jing issuance and a chapter on form details.