19007 10 Road Tan Tui Spring Leg Form DVD Mancuso


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Product Description
The TAN TUI or Spring Leg set is one of the most famous Kung Fu forms in the world. A version of this essential practice lives in many diverse styles such as Shaolin, Muslim Boxing, Praying Mantis and others. It is so fundamental that it is often learned even before the student has decided which style of Kung Fu to follow. This is possible because TAN TUI is so perfectly balanced that it can augment any Kung Fu practice. In TAN TUI you will actually learn long movements, power generation, kicking techniques and speed secrets. This DVD teaches you TAN TUI through: - Detailed breakdowns of the different roads. - Multiple view with specific comments for footwork, tempo and execution I- ntroductory remarks that will give you an overview of the form - Special sections on doing TAN TUI as an exercise or as a set - Clear, understandable instruction