DVD/BOOK SET Bandit Knife Kung Fu Rebellious Weapon Mancuso


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Product Description
Book & DVD Set Why practice a weapon one thousand years old? What are the special properties of this Kung Fu instrument? What lessons can a martial artist learn from it? And where does it stand in history? In this unique approach, the author picks a relatively rare armament from the Kung Fu weapons rack and uses it to cut through mysteries of the martial arts. This set does not merely teach a form; it explores the little known fact that many of Kung Fu's most effective and unsuspected fighting techniques were developed out of armed warfare, not hand-to-hand combat. By handling the Bandit Knife and its principles in a new way, he explores a martial tradition of over one thousand years. The paperback book is 144 pages with photos and illustrations. The companion 45 minute DVD offers a wealth of information on basic training with the Bandit Knife, including grips, fundamental movements, and basic strikes. Then the form is broken down and shown with closeups and details, making it accessible to learn and to practice. Practice the weapon. Learn the form. Spar with the applications. Each move will show you a new view of this ageless art.'