KK014 DVD/BOOK SET Kung Fu Saber: Tiger Leaps Mancuso


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Book & DVD Set by Ted Mancuso In this, the third of the Plum series on 'the four grandparent' weapons of Kung Fu, Master Mancuso covers the Saber, one of the original four basic Kung Fu weapons (staff, saber, sword and spear.) He concentrates on the wrap, the form and real time applications. A comprehensive course on the Shaolin Pigua Saber. 80 minutes. Includes: - Basic Strikes - Inward and Outward Wraps - Hhistory and design - Stances from a weapons' standpoint - Left Hand positioning and control - Angles and Directions - Right Hand placement - The Shaolin Pigua Saber Form - Applications & Usage The companion 206 page book is filled with photographs and illustrations which help the practitioner experience the essence of Saber applications and usage. The author covers basics & strikes, and a traditional Saber form which highlights the core actions and some higher challenges. and much more! This is more than a simple workbook!