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Learn the secrets 99.9% of martial arts instructors just don't know! Martial arts expert and former corrections officer Barry Cuda has seen more stabbings and knife attacks than the average 200+ civilian martial arts instructors put together! As a correctional officer; he has seen his share of assaults with homemade knives. As a result; he has created the Blade Smart System; designed to teach military and law enforcement personnel; how to survive a knife attack. These are simple; easy to perform tactical knife fighting moves that will save your life! Barry Cuda has taken over 25 years of Filipino Kali knife training and distilled it into this deadly yet easy to learn tactical knife fighting system. This is about what to do if someone is trying to kill you with a knife.The Blade Smart System is based on aggressively taking out an armed attacker; not learning prepackaged martial arts moves. No fancy drills; no rubber knife sparring; no impractical disarms!