Sutton MMA Bubba Dummy Training DVD


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JKD Unlimited Instructor; Sean Sutton; details the best ways to use your Bubba Dummy to enhance your training; regardless of your goals! The areas of training include Wrestling; MMA; Jiujitsu. and Military and Law Enforcement Officer (LEO). In this DVD; you will learn how to adapt highly functional moves into your Bubba Dummy training. In addition; you will learn to integrate your Bubba Dummy into training regimen that will increase your effectiveness as a practitioner; an athlete; and a coach! Running time: approx. 30 minutes. Bubba is the most realistic Jiu-Jitsu training dummy in the world! His patented design features anatomically correct joints and human features. Bubba is handcrafted to exacting standards and engineered for all types of ground grappling. Proudly manufactured in the USA by I&I Sports; each unit is hand-inspected and guaranteed against defective materials & construction for 1 year. Sean Sutton is the head instructor of JKD Unlimited Cincinnati. He is a certified instructor under world renown martial artist; Burton Richardson. Sean also coaches MMA and Brazilian Jiujitsu athletes. In addition; Sean holds a Black Belt 1st Degree in the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program and is a perpetual student of the arts.