Traditional Japanese Cooking 3 DVD Set


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Product Description
3 DVD set from Master Chef Robert Hori. Traditional Japanese cooking with step-by-step instructions. Includes: #1 Nabemono (One Pot Cooking). Learn how to prepare traditional Sukiyaki; Kenchin Jiru (Winter Stew); Yosenabe; Kinpira Gobo; and Chawan Mushi (Egg Custard). 48 min. #2 Oshogatsu (New Year's Dishes) Learn how to prepare traditional Kansai-style Miso Ozoni; Umani; Classical Tai fish; Namasu; and more! #3 Kaiseki (Traditional Formal Meals0 Easy to follow; step-by-step instruction for preparing white fish Sashimi; traditional Miso Shiru; Yakizakana; Tori Shinjo; and more! A Great Gift! This is a must for anyone interested in traditional Japanese cooking.