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OUT OF PRINT VHS Video! Volume 2 By Sifu Henry Look Guan Ping Yang Tai Chi is one of the most complete martial arts in existence today. Introduced into the US by Professor Kuo Lien-Ying, this dynamic internal martial art contains both hardness and softness, sudden jumping kicks, and an explosion of internal power known as Fa-Jing. Those who witness the style can easily see it is more combat oriented than other versions of Yang family taijiquan being taought today. In the hands of a skilled Master such as Sifu Henry Look, Guang Ping Tai Chi exhibits all the internal and external qualities necessary to be classified as a complete martial art. The forms are an unmatched combination of inner peace and external power, complete stillness and constant motion, a gentle touch which gives way to unbridled ferocity. For more than 25 years, Sifu Henry Look has taugh the pronciples behind Guang Ping Tai Chi's amazing curative and combative powers. Now you can harness the same power through this first ever, two volume set. 51 min.