Escrima Kali Arnis SKINNY Rattan Stick Plain No Skin 28 x .6in


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Product Description
Plain Rattan, No Skin Highest quality filipino rattan which was harvested from multi-node vines. Although the skin has been removed; these sticks are amazingly durable and dense. They have been sanded smooth; but have no finish; burn pattern or tape. These sticks generally measure 28 inches long and .5 - .7 inch in diameter (thickness may vary). We've been supplying these sticks to top instructors across the country for over 20 years! Great for when you want the fastest stick speed! NOTE: This is a natural product, not machine straightened rattan as is used in the furniture industry (significantly less durable). Stick diameter is approximate and can vary by up to 1/4 inch. Sorry we CANNOT guarantee an exact diameter. Also; it is NOT possible to provide perfectly matched sticks in either weight or diameter.