Tournament Sparring Rattan Stick RED 28x.85


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Product Description
Plain Rattan, No Skin, Red Stripe Genuine Doce Pares Eskrima Tournament Sparring Stick imported directly from the Philippines! Authentic fire-hardened rattan with skin removed and bright red band painted in the center for easy identification. Very fast and lightweight! No finish so the stick won't slip out of your hand when sparring. These authentic sticks are hand-made in the Philippines by the Escrimador craftsmen of Cebu, Philippines. One (1) stick only! Measures 28 inch long and 7/8 inch thick. NOTE: This is a natural product, not machine straightened rattan as is used in the furniture industry (significantly less durable). Stick diameter is approximate and can vary by up to 1/4 inch. Sorry we CANNOT guarantee an exact diameter. Also; it is NOT possible to provide perfectly matched sticks in either weight or diameter.