Soempat Curved Rattan Indonesian Fighting Rattan Stick


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Rare Indonesian Pentjak Silat Fighting Soempat Stick! Soempat Fighting Stick This stick is constructed of select Indonesian full skin Rattan with stylized burn-patterns and Retina-Retention tape ends. It is hand-formed to the correct angle and has never been offered to the public before. This is a favorite training weapon of Maha Guru Pak Victor deThouars as it gives added advantages over a straight stick. Silat Soempat was founded by Pak Tisari Mardjoeki; a Serak Guru from West Java (1902-1976) after losing a fight in 1952. In 1953; armed with the curved stick he personally developed; he crushed his opponent. The unique curvature of this fighting stick allows for high torque strikes; and hook and drag techniques. Also popular with advanced Escrima; Kali; Arnis practitioners. The Soempat Stick measures 28in long with the bend occurring at the last 8 inch. 1 inch diameter.