31in Rattan Sword Saber Cutlass Trainer + Handguard


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Product Description
REGULAR Versatile handcrafted single stick sword trainer can be used for American Saber, Scotish Broadsword, Hungarian Saber, or as a Victorian Single Stick for Bartjitsu. Also popular for Steam Punk. Can be used as a long Cutlass trainer for Pirate, Naval Reenacting, SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism), HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts), KRON (medieval combat), and other blade training. Features a skinned and sanded rattan shaft and a 5in x 5in traditionally crafted, waxed heat-hardened 'D' shaped half basket handguard. Rattan is ideal for this application as it is a fiberous wood which resists impact breaks. 31 inch long overall. .75in-.90in diameter. CAUTION: Always train under proper supervision. Always wear safety glasses when training. NOT for use against humans or animals!