Airsoft KWA M18C GAS Blowback Full Auto Pistol


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Product Description
This is a competition grade Airsoft gun from KWA (KSC in Japan), one of the top manufacturers in Airsoft. Inspired by the Model 18. The quality, performance and durability of this gas gun with realistic blowback is superb. Very accurate and powerful! Features include: select fire operation (single shot or full auto), full metal slide & barrel, high flow valves, metal internals, 23 round magazine, Adjustable Hop Up System (Hop Up is the system that puts backspin on the BB to increase it's range and stabilize the projectile for increased accuracy!) and more! Capable of cycling at almost 1,000 rounds per minute! Shoots hard at 310 FPS with a .20g BB. Operates on Green Gas. 7in Long x 5in Tall. Weight: 2 lbs. Range: ~ 70' to 90'. Note: This is a replica, not a real gun! All Airsoft guns have a bright orange tip and/or clear plastic bodies as required by law. Orange tips may not be removed! Airsoft replicas are not made or authorized by makers of real guns unless specifically stated. Use of the name of a real gun and/or real gun maker is solely to assist in identification and does not imply any affiliation with or approval by any real gun maker.