Airsoft 6MM P-Force Biodegradeable .20g BB Bag *5000*


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Product Description
P-Force 5000 Rounds Super Fast Biodegradeable 0.20g Airsoft 6mm BBs. These precision bb bio-degrades much faster than the traditional bio-degradable bb, if you need immediate result, try P-Force! Description: P-Force Biodegradable BB is made with 100% natural material. It is certified to be 100% non-toxic and safe for the environment. Its precision manufacture standard and unique ability to decompose in water* make P-Force Biodegradable BB the best BB for our environment and your airsoft gun. Air-tight resealable pouch-bags designed to keep ambient moisture out are used to package P-Force biodegradable BBs. *Decompose time varies depending on weather conditions. P-Force Biodegradable BB can degrade naturally within 6 months. Put P-Force Biodegradable BB in water and see how fast it starts to break down for yourself. For even faster action, place in hot water.