LAPCO Tippmann Cyclone Feed Kit Soft Paddles


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Product Description
LAPCO Posi-FeedT Soft Paddles have several unique features that make them the best paddles that you can buy. The Posi-FeedT Soft Paddles overcome the 3 key issues for reliable paint feeding without ball breakage. 1) LAPCO has refined the correct paddle firmness to feed the balls reliably without breaking them. 2) LAPCO added a Posi-DriveT ring made of hard polymer that positively interlocks the paddles together and hard locks them onto the drive shaft so they CANNOT slip and / or go out of sync. 3) LAPCO has added the Posi-FeedT hump which counteracts the tendency of small paint to logjam 4 balls into the 3 ball side of the cyclone. Together these features give you the best paddles that money can buy. Each set is make out of a unique high-grade polymer, in-house in the USA. This product carries the legendary LAPCO Lifetime Warranty.