Tippmann A5 Comp-Air Low Pressure system


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Product Description
New A-5 Low Pressure System manufactured by Tippmann! A result of extensive research and testing which found the most efficient operating pressure to be between 300-400 psi. By changing the configuration of the valve and rear bolt, you can obtain better efficiency, less recoil, and a more consistent shot to shot velocity. The new A-5 Comp Air System consists of a lighter rear bolt, new valve assembly, low pressure feeder gas line, 90 degree elbow, 7 3/4' gas line, and a low pressure chamber and vertical assembly. With the operating pressure around 325 psi, the valve opens much easier, but also requires a larger amount of gas flow to maintain ball velocity. Along with the valve modifications, the low pressure chamber supports these flow and volume demands. A nitrogen bottle and secondary regulator are highly recommended for this system, but are not included.