Tippmann X7 Flatline Barrel & Shroud


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Product Description
The best barrel upgrade for your Tippmann X7! This is the first 'production' back spin barrel ever produced utilizing a Tippmann patented design. Utilizing a curved barrel which applies centrifugal force to the ball (creating a back spin), the Flatline Barrel yields unparalelled distance and accuracy! Factory tests have shown a 140 ft. increase in distance at 280 FPS. While traditional barrels need up to 7-10 ft. of arch to reach a target at 180 ft., the Flatline Barrel requires less than 1 ft.! Utilizing premium paintballs, the Flatline Barrel can provide 6' groupings at 50 ft. (compared to 16' groupings with a stock barrel). At 75 ft. the accurcy increases to 14' groupings vs. 24' with a stock barrel! Marker not included.