Tippmann Project Salvo Sierra One Alpha Black Shroud


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Product Description
Factory replacement front barrel shroud for the Tippmann Project Salvo and Sierra One. It can also be used on the Tippmann Alpha One; Bravo One to give it a different look! Features four RIS rails and a fixed front sight. Durable composite construction installs in minutes. Barrel not included. 8 inch long overall. This shroud will fit any barrel with 98C threads! This shroud has a 'barrel ring' toward the front end; you have to remove that 'ring' in case that your barrel does not slide all the way down-through the shroud. To remove the 'ring' you will need to take apart the shroud; the shroud comes apart in two pieces so remove all the screws and pull apart. You will see the 'ring' and just simply remove it; any barrel should slide through the shroud. The 'rings' purpose is just to steady barrels that are thinner than the hole on the front part of the shroud so it will not get dent.