D3fy D3S Electronic Paintball Marker PACKAGE BLACK/BLACK


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Product Description
Package includes D3S Marker, 6+1 Harness with Pods (#UX0025P) and JT Prime Goggle System (#UX9525A) $400 Value! BLACK with BLACK Accents Now with Tadao Board! The D3S is packed with features but won't drain your wallet! This is a lightweight, high-end electronic aluminum marker with a rugged composite outer body shell and durable Rhyno Skin body cover. Features include: - Direct Drive System Solenoid/Valve: controls air to the F2 Bolt Engine for a smooth, low operating pressure. Specific ports reduce the amount of air required to fire without compromising efficiency. - F2 Bolt System: incorporates a spool-bolt & regulator in one piece allowing for low 150-160psi operating pressures! - Micro SQ Board: designed to be user friendly & easy to operate. 4 firing modes: semi auto, PSP Ramp, Full Auto, and 3 shot burst. - Clean Air Flow Design: air flows from tank, thru the on/off ASA and thru the body directly into the regulator. No external fittings & hoses! - Anti-Chop Red Optics System (ACROS): a break beam laser emitting optic which prevents Paintballs from chopping in the chamber even under lightning fast rapid firing! - Stealth Low Profile Clamping Feedneck: keeps your hopper/loader grounded & secure! Comes complete with 14in Smoothbore 2-piece barrel, owners manual, barrel cover and spare parts.