Spyder Blitz S.T.F.U. Muffler Barrel System


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Product Description
Have you ever wanted to test-fire air through your marker indoors, but cringed everytime you pulled the trigger because of the noise? The new Blitz STFU Muffler System effectively cuts down the noise report of your marker by up to 80%! Simply screw on the STFU Muffler in place of your barrel, and rip away! The STFU is perfect for times when you're testing for leaks, troubleshooting, or adjusting operating pressure, and don't feel like going outside to avoid ringing your ears. The STFU is especially effective on electronic markers and pneumatic air ram style markers that generate less blowback (and noise) through the feed. Reduce the noise of your marker from a loud crack down to a silenced 'thud'. IMPORTANT: The Blitz STFU Muffler is NOT a silencer! It has a closed metal endcap that doesn't allow paintballs to exit. The STFU is a 13inch aluminum tube filled with special sound-deadening material that CANNOT be disassembled or modified for use as a silencer or suppressor. No more complaints from parents, neighbors, roommates, or store customers!